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Antenatal care

  • Antenatal care according to German Pregnancy Guidelines
  • CTG (cardiotocographie): control of baby´s heart and contraction of uterus
  • Antenatal care for high risk pregnancy due to:
    • more than one miscarriage
    • premature birth in the past
    • treatment of subfertile parents (after IVF/ICSI)
    • gestation diabetes (information link)
    • Pre-eklampsie (information link)
    • HELLP Syndrom
    • any other complication during the pregnancy
    • multiple pregnancy
  • Doppler ultrasound scan during the pregnancy (information link)
  • First trimester screening according to Fetal Medicine Foundation Deutschland (information link)
  • Fetal echocardiographie (Examination of baby´s heart) (information link)
  • 3D/4D, HD live pregnancy scan (information link)
  • Diagnosis of infectious diseases during pregnancy:
  • Breastfeeding consultation (information link)
  • Postnatal care after a delivery